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Bosch Industrial

Bosch Industrial

Cross Reference

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Product Cross Reference Chart

Bosch Part# Denso Part# Champion Part# Beru Part#
7302 RB75N / RB75PP* 18GZ20
7303 RM77N / RM77PP 18GZ22
7305 GI3-5 18GZ-77-2
7306 GI3-1 / GI3-3 RB77WPCC /
7307 GL3-1 / GL3-3 RB75WPCC 18GZ5-77
7308 GL3-5 18GZ5-77-2
7311 GE3-1 RN79G 14R-4CDP
7313 RN5C
7315 GE3-5 14R-4CIU-2
7321 (FR3KII332) GK3-1 / GK3-3 RC78PYP / RC78PYP15 / RC78WYP 14FR-4DPU0
7322 GK3-5 14FR-4DIU

Combustion Monitoring
Also included in the Industrial Series is the 7330 Combustion Sensor for Caterpillar G3600 series engines. This sensor immediately alerts the engine management at the first sign of abnormal combustion. The same robust construction and innovative design found in the 7306 spark plug can be found in the Bosch Industrial Series Combustion Sensor.


*Ceramic length different from RB75PP, adapter may be required